HBL200: Introduction to Dunhuang Studies

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Some archeologists believe that art developed before speech. It was, according to these scholars, easier to draw an animal than to give it a name. While there is no definitive proof to settle this argument, it is known that art plays a very important role in "telling" a story. The Dunhuang caves play a critical role in telling the story of the Buddha, his teachings, followers, to a population who were illiterate.

This course consists of 8 lectures, was developed by Dr. Darui Long in 2012 and is part of the Humanistic Buddhism & Leadership Certificate offered through the Institute of Chinese Buddhist Studies and the Office of Extended Studies.

This is a self-directed class (no instructor) that is managed by the Office of Extended Studies, and students work at their own pace. Upon successfully completing this class, the enrolled student will earn 1.0 continuing education unit (CEU). Students who want to earn a Certificate of Completion have the option of taking an exam or submitting a short research paper.

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